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I'm Jason Heyburgh, aka Mr Shibumi, a Cape Town based Product Designer.

Shibumi(n) A form of Japanese aesthetics known for elegant simplicity, beautiful imperfection and effortless effectiveness.

About me

About me

I'm a dynamic "tech nerd" with a growth mindset that loves coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

With a background in marketing and the service industry; my design, planning and strategic process is highly user-centric. I love to learn, and this is evident in my continual drive to study new technology. So when I’m not researching UX methodology, I am testing the latest front-end tools in interaction design and conceptualising how AI can improve product utility and usability.

My current nest is Black Swan Data, a global data science company disrupting traditional CPG market research using predictive analytics. I am the senior Product Designer working across our SAAS platform and internal software tools.



Although I can confidently own the entire design process, my strengths lie in the following areas:

UX research

My intrigue of culture and human behavior pushes me to continuously ask why. And my analytical thinking allows me to ask the right questions and find insights in both qualitative and quantitative data.

IA strategy

My strategic mindset and ability to disseminate large amounts of data allows me to easily translate complex enterpise architecture into simple, intuitive user interactions that meet business objectives.

UI development

With a strong foundation of front-end development, I am able to bridge the gap between design and development. This allows me to lead consistent design management and ideate new concepts quickly and iteratively.

About me

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